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The Astrosexological Research Institute (ASRI), based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, is a 501c3 non-profit research organization dedicated to the study of human sexuality and reproduction factors as they apply to outer space environments.  ASRI is intended as a focal point for research organizations, space agencies, commercial space companies, space societies, universities, and individual researchers and scientists in the planning, execution and data archival of any and all research related to human sexuality and reproduction in outer space.


Conduct and support research and data analysis of human sexual health, behavior and reproduction factors as they apply to outer space environments, and develop viable solutions for mitigation of challenges facing human sexual performance and safe, successful reproduction in those environments.

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Shawna Pandya, MD, MS

Director, International Institute of

Astronautical Sciences

Space Medicine Group

John Spencer, MA

President, Space Tourism Society

& Outer Space Architect

James Logan, MD, MS

Former NASA Chief of Flight Medicine

& Chief of Medical Operations,

Johnson Space Center

Olivia Lesslar, MBBS

CEO, Lifespan Medicine Australia

& Psychoneuroimmunologist

Egbert Edelbroek, PhD

CEO, SpaceBorn United Inc.

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Rick Circle.png
Victoria Circle.png

Mark Finckle, MBA

Investment & FinancAdvisor

Rick Tumlinson

Founder, Earthlight Foundation,

SpaceFund & New Worlds Institute

Adam Cohen, JD, MS

Legal Counsel

Victoria Hartmann, PhD

Clinical/Forensic Sexologist

& Sex Researcher

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Dr. Alexander Layendecker is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served seven years as an Air Force space operations officer. During his time on active duty he served as a space launch range control officer and instructor, a space tactics officer for the USAF Aggressors, and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He later transferred to the USAF Reserve to serve as an HH-60G pilot for Combat Search and Rescue. He completed a Master of Public Health from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in 2013, and a PhD in Human Sexuality in early 2016. Dr. Layendecker’s research focused on human sexuality and reproduction in off-Earth environments, the history of research in this area, and the research gaps that must be filled in the future in order to make long-term settlement of other worlds a viable possibility.

Chief of operations

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Tamar Valdman, M.S., was the Communications Manager at Woodpile Studios, an award-winning firm in Washington, DC, where she worked on a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. She then served as the Chief Business Development Officer for Agrio, an international agtech startup that assists farmers in low-income nations, and held the role of Chief of Staff for two startups. Tamar is currently a Communications Consultant in industries ranging from longevity to cryptocurrency. She holds a Master of Science degree in social work from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in psychology. Additionally, Tamar co-authored a published manuscript that was the first to measure cognitive changes in approach and avoidance motivations towards oneself and others following social rejection.

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Chief of Communications

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Riley Harrison graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Sciences and a minor in Psychology. At FSU, she focused on integrative human development over the lifespan with research in minority achievement. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Space Operations at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University while assisting Dr. Andy Aldrin as his Teaching Assistant. She works for Embry Riddle Worldwide College of Arts & Sciences promoting an integrative Higher Education initiative, Humanistic STEM. Additionally, Riley is the Director of Educational Outreach and an inaugural fellow at For All Moonkind: Institute on Space Law & Ethics. Her research focuses on Indigenous Space, an emerging field promoting First Nations' access to the space ecosystem.

Research fellows

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Matthew Circle.png
Eleonore Circle.png

Simon Dubé, PhD


& Kinsey Research Fellow

Maria Santaguida, MS

Professor of Psychology,

Concordia University

Matthew Hudnall, MS

Director of Laboratory Operations,


Eleonore Poli, PhD

Founder, CHASM Analog Astronauts

& Materials Scientist 

Joannes Circle.png
Lucie Circle.png

Lucie Ráčková, MS

Anthropologist, Biologist,

PhD Candidate, Environmental Physiology

Joannes Hernandez, DComm

Associate Professor of Nursing,

Helene Fuld College of Nursing

“Sex in space is not about going somewhere else to have sex.

It’s ultimately about expanding beyond our immediate neighborhood, into a Universe to which we belong.”


Vanna Bonta


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